Peter Sundberg, Bass Guitar

Since 2006 I have been playing bass as a semi-professional musician.
I have played with some of Sweden's most popular artists during the 80s as Dan Hylander, Py Bäckman, Mats Ronander, Mikael Rickfors.
I have also played with Charlotte Perrelli, Jan Johansen, Janne Bark, Bröderna Rongedal, Anne-Lie Rydé, Hasse Kvinnaböske, Gladys del Pilar, Helene Nilsson, Mikael Samuelsson, Monia Sjöström, Skånska Maffian and Solsting The Band.
I also do Studio Sessions and live gigs as a hired gun.
Since 2016 I have taken the music into my company. 
At the moment i'm involved in two major projects
P&P and Dirty Vanessa.


Jonas Lundberg, song, guitar

Singer, songwriter and writes all the lyrics for Dirty Vanessa.
My passion for Music has been with me all of my Life.
Did my first live performance in 1994. After that there have been many different Projects. Today I am engaged in a Solo Project, a coverband, and a proud member of Dirty Vanessa.


Thomas Som

I am the guitarist of Dirty Vanessa. I am from The Netherlands but now I live in Beautiful Dösjebro. I bring rock chops and a tasty country flavour to the musical mix of DV. My go-to music has always been 80s and 90s rock, but you can hear me throw in an emulated lapsteel lick on my guitar here and there. I have played mostly in bands and projects in The Netherlands until I moved to Sweden in 2018. With Dirty Vanessa I have found a great group of musicians that clicks on all fronts.


Patrik Prahl, drums

Patrik is a drummer who has played in many contexts, many bands and on several recordings.
Patrik has a solid bottom from his education Rock music education at "Fryshuset" in Stockholm. A stable groove, to tell and gild music through the instrument drums, is what makes Patrik's special style recognizable.

After playing everything from Jazz to metal, Dirty Vanessa is the perfect mix, gang and music style for Patrik. .